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New Post: The Definitive Reason Why Surrendering Control Leads To Alignment [blog]

Rick Grundy

My back and my knees are aching as I hang the last piece of drywall.  Stepping back I take a look around the room and say to myself, “Wow, how in the world did I do all that?”  The only reason I am able to renovate my basement is because some of my friends stepped up to teach me and help me, and there’s no other way it would be happening.  Similarly, I can step back and take a look at who I am today and where I’m heading and say to myself, “Wow, how in the world did I ever get here?”  The only reason I find any success today is because Jesus stepped up and helped me, and there’s no other way it would be happening.  Success, with my basement and in life, came only when I stopped trying to do everything myself and I started surrendering some of my control.

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New Video/Audio: "Christianity 101" - Faith Brings Joy (Romans 5:1-1)

Rick Grundy

As a husband and a dad of four, I’ve had some awesome moments to get really excited about.  More exciting than any other moment in my life is the moment when I changed from being considered an enemy of God to being considered His friend.  Today’s video/audio is filled with reasons why we can get excited about our faith in Jesus.  (Heads up, it’s also my first attempt at green screen!)

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New Post: The Personal Cost Of Biblical Misalignment [blog]

Rick Grundy

My friend thrust a blindfold over my head, helped me bend over and press my forehead against a bat, and then told me to spin around 10 times.  I think I made it to 7 before falling over.  When I got back onto my feet I heard my team yell, “Run, run, run!”  I ran, alright. Unfortunately, my alignment wasn’t aided by my lack of sight and dizziness. I ran right out of the playing area, down a small decline, and straight onto my face. There are some summer camp games that I absolutely dislike, and this was one of them. Misalignment in that game meant pain, pure and simple. Misalignment for a Believer can be painful, too, when our life’s direction is not in alignment with Jesus’ direction…

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New Post: Insights Into The Connection Between Choices And Grace [blog]

Rick Grundy

There was about 60 of us sitting on couches, or the floor, or on top of each other, eating chips and cheeses, while we discussed questions like, “How far is too far?”  Or, “Ok, but, is it really a sin if I just did this?” Or, “But, I can do this, though, can’t I?”  The teens in my Ottawa youth group were candid about wanting to both connect with Jesus and also stay disconnected.  Dancing the line of Jesus’ grace and our choices created some fun talks. Now that I’m a lead pastor I’m finding that discussions of grace and choice still lead to some interesting discussions…

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Why Alignment With Jesus' Values Is Essential [blog]

Rick Grundy

It was around 4am, I am dressed in the darkest clothes I own, and I’m following behind my friend to our target.  We have replaced the spray cap from the can of shaving cream with a cap from a can of bug spray in order to stay quiet and keep the mist light so that it gently settles onto the face of our fellow camp counsellor without him waking up.  We leave the cabin as quietly as we enter, hardly able to contain ourselves from laughing at the snow angel look-a-like we leave behind us.  Man, that’s an awesome memory I like to play over and over again.  It’s awesome because I’m still friends with that guy (not the snow angel, my fellow miscreant).  He’s about a foot taller than me, we don’t look alike at all, but we sure value the same kind of fun!  Our shared values have kept us friends through our teens into our forties.

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New Video/Audio: "Christianity 101" - Why Abraham Is A Good Example For You (Romans 4:1-25, part 1)

Rick Grundy

I couldn’t believe how quickly he did it!  Within two weeks, my friend totally renovated his basement from just bare, concrete walls to fully functional family room.  He’s got a talent that I was completely lacking!  But, I’m not completely lacking it anymore because my friend has become my example – he’s volunteering to show me how to frame, run the electrical, drywall, and everything else I need to do.  I’m learning by example, and it’s a lot of fun.  Similarly, there’s a man named Abraham in the Old Testament that had a talent that I completely lacked.  His talent was so great that God chose to reward him.  But, there’s no reason for anyone to be completely lacking in his talent.  Everyone can follow Abraham’s example and receive the same reward...

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What The Law Teaches You About Grace [blog]

Rick Grundy

I know I’m sometimes naive, but I think I’ve known for a long time that Canadians have it pretty good. Nothing, though, really reveals that more clearly than seeing how badly life has become in other places of the world. Here’s something that I’ve found to be true: contrast brings clarity. That’s not only a practical truth, it’s also a spiritual truth. You, a person who is blessed with God’s grace, come to understand how great God’s grace is when you contrast it with the Old Testament Law...

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New Video/Audio: "Christianity 101" - Befriending God (Romans 3:21-31, part 3)

Rick Grundy

A friend wanted to do something extravagantly nice for us, so she gave my wife and I tickets to see a musical.  Additionally (she felt this second part was less valuable), there was an offer of free babysitting cast into the gift.  (As parents of four, we can tell you that babysitting, alone, is an extravagant gift!)  The only condition was the requirement to get ourselves to the theatre where the musical was playing.  Now that’s an easy condition to meet!  Similarly, God wanted to do something extravagantly nice for you, so He offered you friendship.  He also gave you one condition: you need to show up at the location where the friendship is happening (namely, you need to believe in Jesus).  As this particular passage of Romans is concluded, you’re going to see that God’s free gift of friendship is both inclusive (freely given to everyone) and exclusive (there’s only one way to accept the friendship).

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New Video/Audio: "Christianity 101" - How To Befriend God (Romans 3:21-31, part 2)

Rick Grundy

Well, in hindsight, yes I see it was a bad idea (but who lives in hindsight?!)  … I took my young son with me to a hospital in order to see someone who was recovering from surgery.  Because I’m a pastor some people seem to feel that I have a stronger stomach than others, so every gross detail of the procedure was explained to me, including lots of comments about veins and blood.  I’m getting used to these verbally-graphic and horrific (…don’t cringe, straight face, don’t faint, nod and smile) 80’s-gory-movie moments, but my son is absolutely not!  He fainted (thankfully, I caught him before he hit the floor), and then he asked me never to take him on another hospital visit again.  I’ve learned my lesson.  However, I can’t stop exposing him, or you, to gross and gory details while talking about Jesus.  Jesus’ blood is part of the reason we are able to befriend God...

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Why Grace Is More Powerful Than Failure [blog]

Rick Grundy

As I walked into his room, seeing me for the first time that day, my son became excited. He jumped at me and we fell crashing onto his bed as we wrestled each other. Unfortunately I was still wearing my glasses and they snapped in two as they bore the weight of his body against my face. His moment of joy turned into a moment of wide-eyed panic. But, all was well when he heard these magic words, “It’s ok, Pal, I’ll take care of it.” Grace covers over a multitude of failures for me, my kids, and also for you...

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New Video/Audio: "Christianity 101" - How To Befriend God (Romans 3:21-31, part 1)

Rick Grundy

After 14 years I can honestly say that one of my greatest friends is my wife.  … Yep, “one of…”  She’s very happy to be “one of” my greatest friends because she knows there’s just one friend ahead of her.  My greatest friend is Jesus.  Choosing Jesus before I choose her protects our marriage, our finances, our children, and protects her from whatever I might become without God’s leadership.  Befriending Jesus was the best thing I’ve ever done.  Friendship with God is attainable, and I want to give you an idea of how it’s achieved.

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Why You Won't Want To Miss "Limbo Sunday", Dec 27 2015

Rick Grundy

Sunday, Dec 27 is Limbo Sunday (Limbo: "An intermediate state or condition.").

Typically, Limbo Sunday is the lowest attended Sunday of the year.  So, to help inspire us to attend, here's a peak at what we'll be doing together.

1.  New Children's Director
We'll be introducing our new Children's Director and allowing this person to say a few words of introduction.  The new role begins Jan 1.

2.  New Member
One of our Hillsiders has chosen to become an official member, so we'll make the introduction on Sunday.

3.  Testimonies
I'll be asking for your best 2015 memories and what you're trusting God for in 2016.

4.  Social... NON-CALORIC
I've been reminded that most of us may have seen far too many calories over the last few days.  So, we'll be invited to socialize momentary-fasting-style after service: partaking in handshakes, conversation and tea/coffee.

God willing, we'll see you there!

The Single Essential Element To Connect With God [blog]

Rick Grundy

Friendship is a gift; friendship with God is an eternal gift. A broken friendship is a tragedy; a broken friendship with God is an eternal tragedy. While we may occasionally be successful at restoring some of our friendships, there is only one thing that will restore our friendship with God.

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New Video/Audio: "Christianity 101" - All People Are Sinners (Romans 3:9-20, part 2)

Rick Grundy

Here’s the bad news: We’ve done wrong, we’re accountable, and we’re going to face a Judge who sees everything we’ve ever done and everything we’ve ever thought.  Here’s the good news: Our judge has paid the penalty for the wrong we’ve done so if we plead for mercy we’ll receive it.  So, how do we plead for mercy?

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New Post: How To Turn Suffering Into Opportunity [blog]

Rick Grundy

Politics and fear of the unknown aside, I’m so very thankful that Canada has chosen to help Syrian refugees. As a Canadian, very aware that I live in one of the most beautiful and well resourced countries in the world, I can’t find adequate words to describe my reaction to the conditions people have found themselves in. More specifically, I am deeply troubled by the intense persecution Christians. We are seeing a new level of suffering on a scale I don’t think we’ve seen before (at least, not in my lifetime). How are Christians enduring such suffering and even facing martyrdom without wavering in their faith?

Video/Audio: "Christianity 101" - All People Are Sinners (Romans 3:9-20, part 1)

Rick Grundy

Have you found the same push-back that I have when using the word, “sin?”  People seem to generally believe in the concept of sin (I mean, Other People do bad things which could be considered sin… like murder, or terrorism), but I haven’t met many people outside of Christianity that believe they are sinners.  People, generally, acknowledge that they do bad things (from time to time), but they believe they are generally good.  Maybe we should stop using the word “sin” and “good” and start using the compound word, “missed-the-bullseye-while-using-a-bow-and-arrow” to add some clarity.  I’ll help you understand that new compound word, and much more, in today’s Video/Audio.