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Why You Won't Want To Miss "Limbo Sunday", Dec 27 2015

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Why You Won't Want To Miss "Limbo Sunday", Dec 27 2015

Rick Grundy

Sunday, Dec 27 is Limbo Sunday (Limbo: "An intermediate state or condition.").

Typically, Limbo Sunday is the lowest attended Sunday of the year.  So, to help inspire us to attend, here's a peak at what we'll be doing together.

1.  New Children's Director
We'll be introducing our new Children's Director and allowing this person to say a few words of introduction.  The new role begins Jan 1.

2.  New Member
One of our Hillsiders has chosen to become an official member, so we'll make the introduction on Sunday.

3.  Testimonies
I'll be asking for your best 2015 memories and what you're trusting God for in 2016.

4.  Social... NON-CALORIC
I've been reminded that most of us may have seen far too many calories over the last few days.  So, we'll be invited to socialize momentary-fasting-style after service: partaking in handshakes, conversation and tea/coffee.

God willing, we'll see you there!