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Why Alignment With Jesus' Values Is Essential [blog]

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Why Alignment With Jesus' Values Is Essential [blog]

Rick Grundy

It was around 4am, I am dressed in the darkest clothes I own, and I’m following behind my friend to our target.  We have replaced the spray cap from the can of shaving cream with a cap from a can of bug spray in order to stay quiet and keep the mist light so that it gently settles onto the face of our fellow camp counsellor without him waking up.  We leave the cabin as quietly as we enter, hardly able to contain ourselves from laughing at the snow angel look-a-like we leave behind us.  Man, that’s an awesome memory I like to play over and over again.  It’s awesome because I’m still friends with that guy (not the snow angel, my fellow miscreant).  He’s about a foot taller than me, we don’t look alike at all, but we sure value the same kind of fun!  Our shared values have kept us friends through our teens into our forties.

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