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New Post: The Personal Cost Of Biblical Misalignment [blog]

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New Post: The Personal Cost Of Biblical Misalignment [blog]

Rick Grundy

My friend thrust a blindfold over my head, helped me bend over and press my forehead against a bat, and then told me to spin around 10 times.  I think I made it to 7 before falling over.  When I got back onto my feet I heard my team yell, “Run, run, run!”  I ran, alright. Unfortunately, my alignment wasn’t aided by my lack of sight and dizziness. I ran right out of the playing area, down a small decline, and straight onto my face. There are some summer camp games that I absolutely dislike, and this was one of them. Misalignment in that game meant pain, pure and simple. Misalignment for a Believer can be painful, too, when our life’s direction is not in alignment with Jesus’ direction…

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