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New video/audio: "Adam VS Jesus"  Romans 5:12-21, Christianity 101

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New video/audio: "Adam VS Jesus" Romans 5:12-21, Christianity 101

Rick Grundy

I honesty thought they were lying to me!  I was in grade 5 when I received the news, but I couldn’t fathom how a wrestling match with Hulk Hogan in it could possibly be fake!  Royal Rumbles had to be real!   After I recovered from the shock, I continued to like wrestling for about another year or so, hoping to see my favourite wrestlers matched with one another.  Have you ever wondered who would win a wrestling match between Adam and Jesus?  Me neither.  But, Paul found it incredibly important to write about!  Get ready for a Royal Rumble like you’ve never seen as Paul compares Adam against Jesus in today’s video/audio!

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