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Location: Romania, Eurasia

Ministry Focus: Jennifer and Raz, along with their three children, Jason, Asher and Chloe, aim to help the most needy children in Romania - abandoned children and Roma children. They are working hard to rescue abandoned babies from living in institutions and placing them in loving forever families. Until this special family is found, the Iacob family takes the infants into their own home, ensuring that they are well cared for and not suffering from the effects of neglect they would experience in the state institutions. They are also working in a downtown slum that is home to a number of families that are squatting in abandoned storefronts and garages. The majority of the families are from the Roma (Gypsy) population.

Almost half of Romanians are at risk of poverty or social exclusion and the majority of the Roma population in Romania is caught in this cycle. Lack of education, resources and support are some of the issues affecting this people group. As a result, there is an ongoing struggle within the community with abuse, drug and alcohol use, begging, pick pocketing and theft. Petty and major crimes, including child exploitation and human trafficking are a problem. The Iacobs provide mentoring & counselling to at-risk mothers, school readiness programs, early education for at-risk children, medical and humanitarian aid, abuse and human trafficking prevention programs -- but at the core of everything they do is sharing about the hope of God and the power of His love.

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