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Missions Committee Fundraiser
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Hillside Community Church is pleased to support Jennifer and Raz Iacob as they continue to do God's work, rescuing abandoned babies and helping the neediest children in Romania. 

Members of our Hillside family have dedicated their time to making a variety of handmade crafts that are available for you to purchase. Choose from an amazing collection of crochet items such as hats, scarfs, washcloths and gearstick cozies to hand-drawn bookmarks and more.

We accept cash donations debit/credit cards (at the church) and E-Transfer to: 

Images from Romania

Take a peek at some of the items available for sale here at Hillside Community Church. These items are handmade by the creative members of our Hillside family. Items include bookmarks, blank greeting cards, crocheted hats and scarfs, knitted hats and sweaters.

Prices are marked by the makers but all donations are welcomed.

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