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Your safety is important to us. Stay away from the patio (lower level, south side). The retaining walls are leaning. Please keep an eye on your children.


Good Friday Service

Good Friday service

10am Churchill Baptist Church

16999 Mt. Wolfe Rd.

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Resurrection Sunday

Resurrection Sunday service

10:30am Hillside Community Church

2314 Tottenham Rd.

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Hillside Women's Meet

Hillside Community Church

2:00 PM

2314 Tottenham Rd.


Youth Missions Trip to Brazil

Sprouts of many kinds are now available for purchase in the foyer each Sunday, or you may ask Sarah K at anytime during the week for availability information and custom orders by emailing:

ALL proceeds will go towards the

SOS Brazil Mission Trip

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Hillside Women's Meet

Our youth will be travelling to Brazil this summer. For more information Click to HERE.

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